CDMP first test in China was hold successfully in June 19

    With Shanghai Pudong Software Talents Center support, The Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP) first test in China was hold successfully in Shanghai Pudong Software Park in June 19. Twelve candidate have attended  the new Data Governance&Stewardship and IS Core exams. These candidate come from Wind Information,UFIDA Software,iSoftStone,Digital China, Carnation Software,Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank,Marsh China and so on.






About Us

DAMA China is a chapter of the Chinese Institute of Electronics, it’s a non-profit association of technical and business professionals focus more on issues residing in the layer in-between the business and data. Our goal are to exchange latest developments of data and information management , and share best practices, experience and achievements, and improve and simulate new innovative thought and practice in the field in China

DAMA 中国简介

DAMA 国际是一个全球性数据管理和业务专业志愿人士组成的非营利协会,致力于数据管理的研究和实践。DAMA 国际在世界范围内拥有50 多个分会,余数据管理专业人士会员。

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